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Dance conditioning



22€ 1,5 Std

Sa 07.09 13:30 - 15:00 Uhr

Über den Workshop

This workshop will include a variety of exercises designed specifically for dancers and non-dancers.  From breathing exercises, to core strengthening routines, to improving endurance and flexibility, and concluding with specific stretching exercises for flexibility. This class is designed to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of conditioning and warm-up, which are essential for long-term health of the body and prevention of future injury. 

Carolina Avellaneda

Workshop Instructor

Carolina Avellaneda

Colombian performing artist based in Austria. She finished her studies in contemporary dance and interpretation in Bogota, Colombia, 2014. Currently she is finishing her Bachelor of Arts studies at the Anton Bruckner University, Linz and her BASI Pilates training certification in Vienna.
Her experience in the dance scene has been trained throughout different creative processes by working with diverse professional dance companies in Colombia and Austria. With a wider contemporary and ballet language, where floor work, partnering, improvisation it has been developed continuously.
A fervent and resolute mover, she seeks the movement along with the urgency to speak, to understand creative processes as a dialogue, and potentially healing. Based on her teaching experience and currently artistic practice, she is interested in investigating the movement quality of Latin folklore dances within a contemporary art context. Aims to make dance something people can enjoy organically. Crafting dance as an inclusive and enjoyable experience ensuring that each individual finds delight and fulfillment in their own body movement language empowering diverse populations to unlock their potential.


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