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Pop Ballet



22 € 1,5 Std

Sa 07.09 11:45 - 13:15

Über den Workshop

Energy, Creativity and healing from Ballet emotions with diverse music!

Pop-ballet is focused on the rhythm and tempo in our body. We can awaken beautiful senses of the body and set healthy body lines. Pop Ballet will help you find self-confidence and correct posture.  A professional instructor will guide systematic and enjoyable Ballet. (This Class is open for Beginners and Professional dancers too)

Li Li Jung In Lee

Workshop Instructor

Li Li Jung In Lee

LiLi Jung In Lee (Lee Jung In CREATION), is a renowned Choreographer rooted in the realms of dance and convergence, actively engaging in creations both in Korea and Europe. Additionally, she is a Ph.D. researcher at the Kunstuniversität Linz. Her primary objective is to broaden the spectrum of dance performance through innovative experiments and collaborations with various artistic disciplines. Since 2010, she has been collaborating with organizations based in Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Hungary successfully extending her creations in the world. Alongside her project troupe, she reaches out to a diverse global audience through extended productions, live performances, and online ventures. She is teaching her movement method at Arts institutions and universities in Korea, U.S, Europe countries, alongside ongoing performance tour around world. In 2022, She organized new dance platform 'A!KO TANZ' to make dance connection between Austria and Korea and planning the festival in 2023 under the strong supported by Sonnenstein LOFT, CID Vienna Section, several Arts Foundations in Korea


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