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Fr., 03. Mai


Sonnenstein Loft


"In the Frame of Heartbeat" / Joel Teodoro. Tee Party/Vernissage 03.05.2024 um 18:00


Zeit & Ort

03. Mai 2024, 18:00 – 23:00

Sonnenstein Loft, Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz, Austria

Über die Veranstaltung

Tee Party/Vernissage

03.05.2024 um 18:00

In the frame of a heartbeat.

The photoseries "in the frame of heartbeat" follows the concept of moving individuals framed in a full 8 count of 60-90 beats per second which resembles a human heartbeat.

    In the frame of a heartbeat, where life pulses with rhythmic precision, the photoseries "In the Frame of Heartbeat" captures the essence of existence through a unique lens. This captivating collection of images delves into the concept of portraying individuals in motion, encapsulated within the confines of a full 8 count, where the heartbeat resonates at a frequency of 60-90 beats per second. Much like the steady throb of a human heart, this series seeks to freeze moments in time, each frame pulsating with the vitality and dynamism of the human experience.

As the shutter clicks in synchrony with the rhythm of life, the subjects within these frames become a visual representation of the fleeting nature of time. The intentional choice of the 8 count serves as a metaphor for the cyclical nature of existence, echoing the heartbeat that accompanies us from the moment of conception until the end of our journey. It is within this rhythmic cadence that the photoseries unveils the beauty and transience inherent in the dance of life.

Each photograph encapsulates a microcosm of emotion, movement, and energy, showcasing the diverse and intricate stories woven into the fabric of human existence. From moments of joy and exuberance to instances of introspection and vulnerability, "In the Frame of Heartbeat" becomes a visual symphony, harmonizing the myriad emotions that compose the human experience.

Furthermore, the deliberate choice of a rapid heartbeat-inspired frame rate adds a layer of urgency to the narrative, emphasizing the impermanence of each captured moment. Viewers are invited to explore the nuances of life's choreography, appreciating the delicate balance between stillness and motion, solitude and connection, as mirrored in the synchronized dance of the heart's beats.

"In the Frame of Heartbeat" transcends traditional photography, evolving into a poetic exploration of the universal themes that bind us all. Through this series, the photographer invites us to contemplate our own stories, recognizing the profound beauty found within the framework of our shared heartbeat, reminding us that life is not merely measured in seconds but lived in the vibrant interplay of heartbeats and the moments they encapsulate.

 Joel Teodoro, also known as "Fee Ling," is a passionate dancer, choreographer, and performer based in Linz, deeply rooted in the street dance community since 2013. Shaped by his Freerunning and Tricking background, Joel's dance style is characterized by dynamic creativity and emotion. Alongside pursuing a degree in Media Design and Ethics, he leads the class program „Revolution Dance“ and actively mentors aspiring dancers in Linz.

With numerous victories in dance competitions, stage experiences, and a diverse portfolio of workshops and commercials, Joel is a versatile artist and mentor. His competition successes, including national championships and international battles, attest to his exceptional prowess in street dance.

FORMA/R/TS ist eine Projektreihe, die aus  mehrtätigen Veranstaltungen besteht. Aus diverse Genres werden  Kunstprojekte zeigen, die anhand eines thematischen Fadens miteinander  in Verbindung stehen.

Konzerte, Ausstellungen, Vorführungen für diverses Publikum soll an  einem Ort die Begegnung möglich machen und dabei die Vielfalt des Ortes,  der KünstlerInnen sowie der Gäste zeigen und am Standort zum  kulturellen gesellschaftlichen Leben beitragen. Kuratiert werden die  Veranstaltungen von Damian Cortés Alberti, Künstler mit Anbindung an  internationale Szenen in Argentinien, Chile, Mexiko, Kroatien, Südkorea  und Österreich.

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