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So., 27. Nov.




Performance night curated by Veronika Maidukova The W’ART project is a cultural and social event which has a goal to open the topic of art and culture at war times and connect people of art to share values and reflections on this topic.


Zeit & Ort

27. Nov. 2022, 18:30

Linz, Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz, Austria

Über die Veranstaltung

TIME 18:30-21:00

DATE: 27.11.2022

Entry: pay as you wish


Reflection war art project 

Do you know where does your fight start?

The W’ART project is a cultural and social event which has a goal to open the topic of art and culture at war times and connect people of art to share values and reflections on this topic. 

It is organized as three interdisciplinary cultural evenings which will take place during the year and contain dance, music, and video-art performances. Performers of each evening are not only professional artists in one of these fields,

but also people who lived through the experience of war and refugee life. That is why all of the pieces are sharing one main topic of dealing with war. The theme of the evenings is to share different experiences, points of view and to see how such a tragedy as war can influence art and how art can influence this world.

Veronika Maidukova (origin: Ukraine; based: Linz, Austria )

Performer and bachelor in choreography from Ukraine based in Austria, Linz with strong skills in ballet, contemporary dance, improvisation, contact improvisation. Former dancer with different companies and choreographers such

as “Suzirya Aniko” (Aniko Rehviashvilli), “A-6 Art Company”, Santah11 (Ruslan Baranov) and others. Student of IDA (Institute of Dance Arts) in Anton Brukner university in Linz, Austria.

Choreographer and director with historical project “Maria Ivanivna”, dance performance “I am Pablo Picasso’s lover” in Ukraine, Kyiv and “W’ART” war time art project in Linz. 

Dance performance 'Where does your fight start' depicts research of author in topic of how does art function during the war times, how war influence artists and how actually art can influence the war.  Research is based on individual experience and 6 interviews with Ukrainian artists who are now volunteering or working in Ukraine or who were forced to

leave the country and to work outside. The performance itself is a movement of the body which is accompanied by

fragments of recorded conversations about art, war, life, and personal vision of every artist. The moving body on stage tries to reflect and live through all the thoughts, experiences, and feelings, which these talks contain. 

Dayana Mankovska (origin: Ukraine; based: Berlin, Germany)

In the period from 2004 to 2016, she studied at the Odesa City Center of Choreographic Art, where she received an education in classical, folk and modern dance.  In 2016, she began studying modern choreography at the Kyiv National

University of Culture and Arts.  During the last 5 years, she was a dancer of the «PROcontemporary» theater and a participant in many performances and shootings.  In 2021, she began her development in filmmaking and became a

choreographer for festival films and some short works. 

About the performance:

How much control is still possible over our lives and our desires? Does our life belong to us? How can a young artist, whose youth is in its third year of global historical events, exist? 

Everything we know about our past no longer seems to make sense. We don’t understand our present. And our idea of the future becomes more fragile every year. What will my generation be like? What will it change? Will we find a

way out...?

Mamoum Bakour (origin: Syria; based: Linz, Austria )

Contemporary dancer and choreographer. Studied in the higher institute in Syria, dancing and teaching contemporary dance in Lebanon and Dubai. Worked as choreographer in projects as a freelancer and took part in workshops and

performances around the Middle East. Former member of Sima Dance Company for 11 years (Syria/ Lebanon/Dubai). Based in Linz, Austria, studying at the Bruckneruniversität.

About the performance:

Everything is silent, slowly the ringing noise starts to reach you. Your body is still in shock, you feel that you are in a different world. Waking up: nothing is the same anymore. From this moment you start to build a memory that will stay with you until you die. again. The memory of people, friends, who passed, memory of the street, it will be a big part of your history. Every time you tell the story mentally you go back with your senses, you see pictures that are running like a movie. Each of them has its own smell: streets, people you loved, explosions, death…

If you are the survivor, you are the one who is carrying this memory, which gives you responsibility and the energy to tell the story about the ones you loved and lost. It becomes part of you.  This smell becomes acceptable with a touch of bitterness, because it is a memory of beautiful people.

Khrystyna Slobodyaniuk: Eros&Thanatos

this is the monologue of a 27-year-old girl from Ukraine fleeing from war 

a monologue about love and death

and also about life, humanity, fears and dreams

words: recorded dreams, poetry of contemporaries, history of Ukrainians

About the performance:

This project is an attempt to capture and reflect on today's events through dance, music,

video and theater in general. This is a semi-documentary performance. One half of the material is facts, reflections,

works of modern Ukrainian artists. And the other is my personal reflection on today's events and surprises from fate. A reflection on life itself, in which love and death always went somewhere nearby.

The play 'Eros&Thanatos' is devoid of morality. Instead, it has living feelings and contradictions, as well as hesitations about choices, such as 'go or stay', 'take up weapons or go on stage', 'dance, is it not on time', 'love or close from feelings'

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