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REDSPATA Kulturinitiative is looking for PERFORMANCES for the year 2025 presented at the Sonnenstein Loft. The call out is focused on the field of dance. Exceptions are made on multidisciplinary projects including the body as a medium.

Deadline for proposals: 17.6.2024

What to expect:

The selected artist will be supported by studio space for technical rehearsals (1-2 full days) as well as technical support for the performance at the Sonnenstein Loft. The implementation of the performance can be done at an independent event (special agreement) or at an already existing performance date. (Exact dates will be set in communication with the selected artists.)

The call out is focused on supporting artists by having a performance space and an opportunity to share their work with local audiences as well as the international artists base of the association. 

The invited artists are asked to cover travel costs, per diems, artist fees and further production/ technical budget. However, two selected recipients will receive a performance fee of 250-400€ per group (depending on group size, duration of performance, and ticket sales).

For technical details, please visit: -> 3D Nachtversion or email

Technical Summary: Stage size 10m width x 7m depth. Black dance floor / wooden floor. Black curtains around stage / white walls & windows. No side wings or backstage (small storage room entrance from front & back). Lights. Audio equipment, microphones available. Fog machine. 

For further questions reach out to:

Please title your email: PERFORMANCES 2025

Deadline for proposals: 17.6.2024


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