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RÜCKBLICK : International Workshop, FORMA/R/TS & LofTanz im Mai

10.00 am

WORKSHOP "Flying low" with Milan Herich

Milan Herich gave the pleasure of his presence and offered three days of intensely rhythmic workshops that worked on the dancer's feet and stage presence. He teaches the "Fly Low" technic, famous for dancers trainings. Here you can find pictures from the training.

18.00 pm

FORMA/R/TS presents: "In the frame of a heartbeat" by Joel Teodoro

The evening began with the opening of Joel Tedoro's exhibition : "In the frame of the heartbeat". The photo series is based on the concept of moving people framed in a full 8-count of 60-90 beats per second - similar to the human heartbeat. The public was able to wander freely and have a chat with the artist, moderated by Bernadette Stiebitzhofer.

19.30 pm

LofTanz presents: "A solo for Mr. Folk"

Milan Herich also performed his piece entitled "A solo for Mr. Folk", inspired by traditional Slovakian dances, using gestural and musical loops and repetitions to create a surprising composite assemblage that ultimately reveals him as a creature/bird. Audiences were treated to a piece held together by the feverish energy and inventiveness of dancer and choreographer Milan Herich.

Touching upon modern art, music and expressionism, we followed the pathway of a male journey, revealing a fury of uplifting and enduring perspectives that leads us towards the idealization of himself and his traditional heritage.

More information on his website : Milan Herich


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