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  • Beginnt am 13. Juni
  • Sonnensteinstraße

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5 days, 4 hours each, 12-16:00, total price: 200 €, participation at selected days only possible open for all levels Di., 13.06.2023 - Sa 17.6.2023 - 5 Tage The body is our instrument to explore life; it is the material presence of oneself; it is oneness turn into duality. Kronos is time, our present time, our immediate reality. Ony in this single moment, only in the now we can experience and influence our own life. Time is the means utilized by human beings to measure transformation. From childhood to old age; from growth to decay; from seed to plant; from flower to fruit; from night to day; from matter to spirit. Time is transformation, transformation is movement; movement causes vibrations; vibrations connect us to the universal stream of creative energy. The body reflects the passage of time through transformations and movements. Thus we are connected with the vital flow of cosmic energy. The body keeps these experiences which are an endless source of inspiration. BodyKronos proposes a conscious practice that combines body, imagination and spirit, in order to find your own individual and unique connection with this vital flow of energy, so that you can become part of the dance of the universe. BodyKronos is a creative movement workshop based on butoh dance and physical theater. It welcomes any participant, regardless of age or previous training, interested in establishing a deep relationship with the expressive possibilities of the body. MIGUEL CAMARERO: Graduated from New York University, Tisch School of Arts, he is actor, butoh dancer, theater director and performance instructor. For the past 15 years he has concentrated on the art of butoh dance creating his own personal andunique style which he combines with physical theater, Sacred Dances and somatic bodywork.

Ort & Kontakt:

  • Sonnensteinstraße

    Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, Linz, Austria

Unsere Preise für das Sommersemester: 

Einzeltermin Kurse: 17 €

Preispläne (Zeitkarten):

10-er Karte 165 €, Semesterkarte 180 €, All-In unter 27 Jahren 250 €, All-In über 27 Jahren 400 €

Tango Argentino: Einzeltermin 25 €, 10-er Karte 245 €, Semesterkarte 300 €

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