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I.I.C.E. Linz

Instant Improvisation & Composition Evenings


We want to create a community of artists for a collaborative work where we all come together to research and practice on instant improvisation and composition. At its core, interdisciplinary instant improvisation and composition is a collaborative and spontaneous performative practice and form of artistic creation. We provide a platform for artists of all fields to come together and create. Through this collaborative practice, we learn and grow alongside one another, continuously pushing the boundaries of our artistic abilities. We welcome dancers, musicians, actors, clowns, visual artists, painters, and all other artists to join and enrich this interdisciplinary community here in Linz. By bringing together artists from diverse fields, we foster a dynamic environment where ideas, techniques, and inspirations can lead to creation. We want to open our research and work in progress to the public and from time to time share it with an audience in form of a performance. We are very excited about bringing this format to Linz. Let us create a space where we can have a lot of fun and artistic development and embrace the unexpected. Feel free to forward this information to other artists (of any artform). We are taking this idea and concept of SIE (Salzburg Improvisation Evengings) which we were participating in back in Salzburg. Therefore we are collaborating with Nayana the founder of SIE and we hope that it will also grow to such a great Community and Exchange platform here in Linz, in collaboration with RedSapata and SonnensteinLoft. Dates: (on a regular basis) Sunday evenings: 5pm to 8pm 11. February, 3. March 14. April 26. May 9. June * 7. July weitere Termine und Infos: Price: 5€ for the studio (free for Associated Artists of RedSapata Tanzfabrik *) & free donation for the Community Registration is appreciated: to Bety: or 0650 4228987

Unsere Preise für das Sommersemester 2024: 

Einzeltermin Kurse (Contemporary, K-Pop): 18 €, Einzeltermin Tango: 25 €,

10-er-Karte Contemporay/K-Pop: 170 €, 10-er-Karte Tango: 235 €

Semesterticket Contemporary/K-Pop: 250 €

Semester- und Kurszeiten Sommersemester 2024:

Kurse laufen wöchentlich durch bis auf Feiertage und Ferien, Start: 26.2.2024, Ende: 4.7.2024, danach Sommerprogramm  (reduziertes Kursprogramm)


Semester- und Kurszeiten Wintersemester 23/24:

Start: 11.9.2023, Ende: 15.02.2024

Kurse laufen wöchentlich durch bis auf gesetzliche Feiertage und Weihnachtsferien (24.12.23 - 06.01.24)

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