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Waacking Choreo



22 € 1,5 Std

So. 08.09 15:15 - 16:45 Uhr

Über den Workshop

In this workshop we will start with an energetic warm up based on Social Steps to set the right mood for the class and get the party started. Then we will cover Waacking technique and basic concepts such as Drills, Lines, Poses etc. as our Waacking foundation. In the second half of the class we will work on a Waacking choreography focussing on the performance aspect of Waacking. The workshop will give you an insight into different elements of Waacking and you get the chance to put it all together in a Waacking choreo. The workshop will be Open Level - so the different tasks will be beginner-friendly with additional challenges for more experienced Waackers.

Timna Reisenberger

Workshop Instructor

Timna Reisenberger

Timna Reisenberger’s dance journey has started as a teenager with a focus on ballroom dances, took her to Jazz and Commercial classes until she discovered Waacking and the freestyle dance scene in 2020. Since then she has taken a deep dive into Club Dance Styles such as Waacking, House and Hustle. She’s an active member in the Waacking Linz community and co-founder of the Club Dance Collective Linz. Next to dancing she contributes to the community by organising events - from small get-togethers like monthly Jams to the Waacking & House event “Clubsandwich”.


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